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InTheBite Volume 22 Edition 03 April-May 2023

InTheBite Volume 22 Edition 03 April-May 2023

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InTheBite’s annual Tackle issue is brimming with great tips on ways to make your spread more effective!

For instance, veteran writer Dave Ferrell explains the history of dredges and why they’re so important in his terrific feature, “BAIT BALLS OF FIRE! How Dredge Fishing for Billfish.” And ITB Associate Editor Carol Bareuther exams the new trends in offshore tackle, with lighter and smaller gear becoming more prevalent.

Publisher Dale Wills describes ”7 Knots Every Mate Must Master,” with an explanation on why each is so important to know, and detailed illustrations showing how to tie them.

Australia’s Peter Pakula groundbreaking concave lure designs take center stage in “First Lure,” and we also profile St. Thomas blue marlin veteran Capt. Ray Walters in “Old Salts.”

Learn to fine-tune your gear and much more, in the April/May issue of InTheBite!



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