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InTheBite Volume 22 Edition 02 March 2023

InTheBite Volume 22 Edition 02 March 2023

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Safety first! That’s the well-being theme that weaves through articles in the March issue of InTheBite. A great example is Joe Byrum’s Life on the Leader, in which he offers sound strategies for safely leadering some of the biggest and baddest fish in the sea – billfish. Veteran sportfisher Dave Ferrell covers another common scenario in his article, Standing Watch, with practical tips for a crew and a safety routine ideal for chugging several days and nights. Coping with Seasickness is a must-read from Seth Dotson, whether for yourself or to help fishing friends. Don’t miss the first of two new column series! Young Guns profiles some of the up-and-coming captains in the industry today and First Lure is a deep dive into the history of some of sportfishing’s iconic lure and lure makers. There are so many bites of good reading in this issue of InTheBite, you’re sure to get hooked!



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