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InTheBite Volume 21 Edition 05 July-August 2022

InTheBite Volume 21 Edition 05 July-August 2022

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Hate it or love it, technology is here to stay. And in the world of sportfishing, advancements in sonar, stabilization and soundproofing have made offshore trips better, longer and more successful than ever before. Starting off with sonar, Steve Katz takes us to the bottomless depths where new sonar tactics are a must to survive in the modern tournament era. Then shift course and get ready for rough seas with a comprehensive breakdown of today’s gyro stabilization systems. These innovations aimed at reducing the rock and roll of boats have made life easier for those who love fishing but hate the rough ride. Make sure to check out the science behind a new generation of quieter boats with in-depth insight from Soundown’s Sam Smullin.


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