InTheBite Volume 10 Edition 05 July/August 2011

Feature Articles:

  1. Going in the for the kill: Learn how some of the top crews prepare for, and win, the sport's biggest tournaments
  2. Working on the chain gang: A discussion on squid chains
  3. Fishing for charity: Where your money goes
  4. Trashing the seven seas: While pollution poses a serious threat, common plastics may be worse
  5. Safety at sea: EPIRBS, GPIRBS, PLBS and SARTS
  6. Splash Report:
    • Jim Smith's "Fish On"
    • F&S "Ay Caramba"
    • Paul Mann "Georgia Girl"
    • Bayliss "Shark Byte"
  7. Tackle Tips: The ultimate squid chain, clear drag label and a marlin mudflap stencil.

Also included: latest news, new products, tournament results, and crew's quarters.